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The "Oscar Shorts - Celebrate the Underdog" Film Festival was founded in 2010 as part of the Montclair Arts Council (MAC) with the goal to showcase the Oscar Nominated Short Films - Live action, Animation, and Documentary.  


We would like to thank our sponsor - Montclair Recreation and Cultural Affairs. 

Podclair - Listen to this 2019 Montclair podcast about us and how this film festival came to be on Episode #36.

Corinna Sager, Founder and Co-producer

Corinna Sager is a communications strategist and multi-lingual, award winning director/producer/writer. She is the Owner and President of Lifestyle International, a boutique communications agency that develops communication strategies, videos and live events - “bringing stories to Life - with Style”.


The key to any good communications is the message. What is it? How is it delivered? Where is the story? Corinna helps people, corporations and non-profit organizations tell their stories in powerful, emotional ways on any media platform. And to do so, she has produced around the world including such far-flung places as Brazil, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, China, and even Togo, West Africa.  


Corinna Sager was born and raised in Germany and uses her curiosity, creativity and international background to inspire and teach others to open their minds and explore new possibilities. “Just try - because you never know” is her motto - which led her and her colleagues to walk the red carpet at the Academy Awards when their short documentary was nominated for an Oscar. “You never know.” 





Jeanne Reilly, Founder and Co-producer


After more than 25 years working in Corporate America and being the driving force behind hundreds of promotional and motivational videos, Jeanne Reilly is now the President of Baldwin Street Productions, a Montclair-based agency specializing in video production and creative content for top 500 organizations.


She’s also a teacher, formerly at Seton Hall University’s graduate program in Communication and currently at the Maine Media College + Workshops in Rockport, Maine. She also provides on-site consultation and designs workshops on video production and ideation for organizations that include Charles Schwab, Raytheon and most recently for the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services.



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